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The Early Childhood Overview of Assessment at Paul George Global School


In the pre-primary, observations, checklists, anecdotal records are collated by the teachers to get an understanding of student learning – in the cognitive, creative, physical, social and emotional domains and develop student profile. There is no grading of the students.
The Progress Performance Report is used in the Nursery and KG classrooms. This report is sent in September and March. The Monthly Rubrics created by the school is used every five weeks to monitor growth and development over the school year and is noted on the child’s Progress Report.

In the Nursery and kindergarten classrooms a Developmental Checklist is completed twice a year.

Portfolios are kept on each child in the classroom. Portfolios include work samples of:

  • Art (drawings, paintings, collages)
  • Writing samples (scribbles, labels, letters, names, words, numbers signs)
  • A story dictated to a teacher and/or illustrated by the child
  • Cutting samples (scissor skills)
  • Photograph of child’s work and play activities (block creations, Lego creations, dress up, favorite area to play in, a science experiment, group activity, etc.)
  • Anecdotal Records (a written note describing what the child said or did, child’s favorite book, answers to questions, comments on an activity, description of drawing or other work)

These work samples are shared with the Parents on ‘Open Days’. Portfolios help the teacher get to know their children well and to reflect on this information to make instructional decisions. Over the school year the progress of the child’s work is evident.

The profiles are shared with parents bi-annually, in September and March.


In keeping with our teaching methodology and the need for regular feedback to assess student learning as an ongoing process, formative assessments will be inbuilt into the lesson plans. Multiple teaching techniques are encouraged so that needs and learning styles of all students can be addressed. Teachers will be assessing and documenting progress based on the skills. Progress report of students from grade l-V, have subject specific profiles (written by subject facilitators) and overall profile written by the class teacher. Effort and engagement is tracked by all teachers along with study/learning attitude.
Informal evaluation takes place constantly in terms of correction and follow-up work. Assignments are not only marked, but a comment is also added to make the exercises more meaningful. This ensures constant revision for the student and enables them to be more thorough.

Continuous Evaluation Includes

  • Class assignments
  • Home assignments
  • Reviews
  • Monthly tests
  • Examinations
  • Academic monthly grades
  • Non- academic monthly grades

There are four cycles of Formative assessments which will be recorded. Progress report is shared with parents bi-annually-end September and end March.

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