Admission AY 2024-25. Registrations for Grade Nursery begin on 23rd Nov’2023.


Inclusive education refers to an education that’s for one and all through proper awareness, knowledge and equality. Paul George Global School believes in quality and equality in education. It strives to provide good education to one and all in a manner which can bring out the potential of every student.

In the same way, we have special classes and streams available for children with special needs. Not only are their parents guided by the Special Educator regularly regarding the developments and roadblocks; the students are also supported in all their pursuits for overall personality development.

Parents and students are guided in all the spheres, including academics, sports, career development etc. based on customised individual planning of the special need students. Paul George Global School believes that all children have immense potential and it blooms when nurtured lovingly through the parent-school collaboration.

over 61 years of excellence in education”

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