Admission AY 2024-25. Registrations for Grade Nursery begin on 23rd Nov’2023.


The school building is fully equipped to provide an all-round, wholesome and stimulating environment for learning. The classrooms are fully furnished with State-of-Art technology to be on par with the standards set by the world’s best schools. The spacious classrooms are equipped with student-friendly furniture. The Teaching-Learning pedagogy used in the classrooms is IT-enabled and all classrooms are equipped with a standard array of presentation equipment that provides our faculty with the best multimedia tools for their instructional needs.

Classrooms are equipped with next-generation Digiclass Smartboards offering multi-media based teaching solution – empowering teachers to transform a traditional blackboard-and-chalk classroom into an interactive and engaging session for increased learning and retention. Unique features of Smartboard include touch-screen, facility to pre-load content, write-on-board and auto-save options.

The school is air-conditioned with eco-friendly & energy-efficient Radiant Cooling system reducing pollution levels – introduced for the 1st time in a school in India. Specially imported from Germany, this system involves the circulation of hot water (during winters) and cold water (during summers) through pipes embedded within the building slabs thereby providing ideal temperature for the best health of your child. This unique technology maintains uniform heating and cooling across the campus so that our children are not affected by temperature variations.

over 61 years of excellence in education”

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