Chairman’s Message

Shri. George Muthoot George

Chairman St. George’s School and Paul George Global School

Education is a fundamental asset that triggers young minds to explore infinite possibilities in the world of excellence. It is the primary factor that helps an individual fight all challenges. The behavioural responses of individuals reflect the overall growth and development of the society.

At Paul George Global School, our intent is to promote a progressive society by imparting education that becomes the first step towards empowering students to make this world a better place. Our efforts are to changesan individual’s perspective and enable them contribute productively.

The School has been designed keeping the future in mind. Withan unparalleled infrastructure and a great all-round learning environment, the students find the school to truly close to their heart. The School focuses on essential life-skills, along with the subjects of literacy, numeracy and sciences. With a belief in offering the best pedagogical practices followed around the world the School helps build strong foundations for future leaders.

over 60 years of excellence in education”

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