Upcoming Events

Activity Calendar for the month of Dec'16

  • 2nd Dec’16-Connecting Minds

  • 6th Dec-8th Dec’16-Flow India-Grade II & III

  • 12th Dec-14th Dec’16- Expressions-Inter school competition

  • 14th Dec’16- Parental Interface-Grade Nursery

  • 16th Dec’16-Movie Day-Grade Nursery

  • 17th Dec’16-Day Camp-Grade Nursery & KG

  • 19th Dec’16-Parental Interface-Grade I, II, III

  • 20th Dec’16-Parental Interface- Grade I, II, III

  • 22nd Dec’16- Parental Interface-Grade Nursery & KG

  • 23rd Dec’16-Special Assembly on Christmas

  • 26th Dec-27th Dec’16-Inter class ‘Just a Minute’-Grade II & II

  • 30th Dec’16-Purple Day-Grade Nursery & KG

Activity Calendar for the month of Nov’16

  • 4th Nov'16 - NURSERY : Connecting Minds

  • 10th Nov’16 - NURSERY : Pottery making-Grade s Nursery & KG

  • 11th Nov’16 - NURSERY : Puppet show-Grades Nursery & KG

  • 18th Nov’16 - NURSERY : Parental Interface

  • 21st -23rd Nov’16 - NURSERY : Flow India Program– Rail Museum

  • 25th Nov’16 - NURSERY : Brown Day

  • 5th Nov’16 - KG : Open day

  • 7th Nov’16 - KG : Connecting Minds

  • 21st Nov’16 - KG : Literary Week-Author Talk

  • 24th Nov’16 - KG : Parental Interface

  • 28th-30th Nov’16 - KG : Flow India Programme- Qutub Minar

  • 10th Nov’16 - Grade I, II, III : Pottery making-Grade I, II, III

  • 11th Nov’16 - Grade I, II, III : Puppet show-Grade I, II, III

  • 19th Nov’16 - Grade I, II, III : Overnight stay-Grade I, II, III

  • 21st Nov’16 - Grade I, II, III : Parental Interface-Grade I

  • 25th Nov’16 - Grade I, II, III : Extra Mile Programme- Grade I, II, III

  • 28th Nov’16-30th Nov’16 - Grade I, II, III : Flow India Programme- Qutub Minar

  • 29th Nov’16 - Grade I, II, III : Parental Interface-Grade II

  • 30th Nov’16 - Grade I, II, III : Parental Interface-Grade II

Activity Calendar for the month of Oct’16

  • 7th October-Special Assembly Dussehra

  • 19th Oct’16-Grade I Parental Interface-Story narration on a festival & its significance

  • 20th Oct’16-Grade II Enactment of any mythological character from Ramayana

  • 20th Oct’16-Grade I, II & III Buddy Interaction

  • 20th Oct’16-NURSERY Edutrip

  • 21st Oct-Grade II Parental Interface-Making of a Namkeen

  • 21st Oct’16-KG Edu Trip

  • 27th Oct’16-Grade I, II & III Remembering Shri Paul M George Visit to Blind School Parental Interface-KG

  • 28th Oct’16-Grade I, II & III Poster Making

  • 28th Oct’16-NURSERY Orange Day Poster making –Grade I, II & III ‘Pollution free Diwali’ & sticking same in their colony.

Activity Calendar for the month of Sep’16

  • 9th Sept’16- Nursery Picnic
  • 15th Sept’16-Hindi Week-Grade I, II, & III Skit
  • 20th Sept’16-KG Parental Interface Talk on “Good over Evil Victory”
  • 21st Sept’16-KG Edu Trip_Uber Launge
  • 21st Sept’16- Nursey Parental interface
  • 21st Sept’16- Grade III Parental Interface Talk on Obesity
  • 26th Sept’16-Grade I, II & III Trip to NGO Apna Ghar & Welfare home, Sarita Vihar
  • 26th Sept’16- Grade I Parental Interface Childhood stories
  • 28th Sept’16 Edutrip Qutub Minar- Grade I, II, III India Gate-KG Short Film on Joy –Grade I, II, III
  • 29th Sept’16 Buddy Learning- Grade I, II, III Parental interface -KG
  • 30th Sept’16 Special Assembly for Parents –Grade I, II, III

Activity Calendar for the month of August’16

  • 1st Aug’16- Book Stall

  • 3rd Aug’16-Author Talk

  • 12th Aug’16- Special Assembly Independence Day

  • 18th Aug’16- Special Assembly Rakshabandhan

  • 19th Aug’16- Special Assembly Remembering Late Shri Paul Sir

  • 26th Aug’16-Grade II Parental Interface: Talk on water scarcity in India with PPT

  • 26th Aug’16- Special Assembly Janamashthmi

  • 26th Aug’16- NURSERY & KG Fancy Dress: Community Helpers

  • 26th Aug’16-Grade III Parental Interface -Save Ganga Project

  • 30th Aug’16-Grade I Parental Interface: Talk on importance of water & making fresh lime juice.

  • 31st Aug’16-NURSERY Parental Interface-Parent to come dressed as a Community Helper